Presentations on Queer Pedagogy

"Smarter is Safer: Increasing Information Access for LGBTQIA Students"

(Presented at the Florida College English Association Conference 2019)

It is widely understood that faculty programs such as "Safe Zone" and student organizations like GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) benefit the mental health and academic success of LGBTQIA students. However, there still remain barriers to the personal and professional development of these students. A study published this summer in the Journal of Information Management found that LGBTQIA students struggled to access the information they needed regarding gender, sexuality, and health from campus resources such as the library, advising, and student affairs. This dearth of information is exacerbated here in Florida (and many other states) by anti-gay curriculum legislation that dangerously limits access to knowledge for high-school students. As faculty, we have the opportunity and responsibility to bridge this gap. While programs such as "Safe Zone" are one way to communicate our support to students, we may also develop pedagogical practices that build relationships with and empower LGBTQIA students. During this talk, I will elaborate on this issue and offer practical solutions for faculty who seek to support students of all identities and expressions.

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